Pershing County
Domestic Violence Intervention

About Us


Domestic Violence Intervention, Inc. is a volunteer domestic violence intervention organization committed to creating an environment in which all people in the community are free from the threat of violence in their personal relationships!


 PershingDVI in Lovelock, Nevada has set out to break the cycle of domestic violence through counseling, advocacy, safe housing, education, and increased public awareness.


Domestic Violence Intervention in Lovelock, Nevada provides services that help domestic violence victims with emergency shelter, counseling, support services for all persons involved, public education, and breaking the cycle of domestic violence.

Contact Us

Call or Text: 1(775) 273 - 7373

 Call only 24 Hour Line 1: 1(775) 442 - 1353

Call only 24 Hour Line 2: 1(775) 442 - 1037